Our Story

hydra Aromatherapy brings the power of aromatherapy and the luxury of essential oils to the everyday. From your shower and bath to your purse or pocket, hydra Aromatherapy’s products make aromatherapy an easy-to-use, essential part of your daily life. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Pure, powerful essential oils
Every hydra Aromatherapy product is crafted with care in the United States using only 100% natural essential oils — no artificial fragrances, ever.

  • Every hydra Aromatherapy product comes with a promise: we use the highest-quality ingredients we can find, so you get the best product we can make.
  • We only use pure essential oils, extracted directly from the source — no artificial fragrances.
  • hydra Aromatherapy products are expertly blended and handcrafted with care in the United States.
Truly accessible aromatherapy
Aromatherapy should be a part of everyone’s everyday. hydraAromatherapy makes aromatherapy easy and accessible with products for your shower, bath, and body.
  • hydra Aromatherapy products are simple and convenient to use throughout your day, allowing you to enjoy aromatherapy anytime or easily gift it to others.
  • Make aromatherapy part of your daily routine, from boosting your daily shower with a Shower Burst to relaxing with a Bathtub Tea or Sparkling Bath Soak.
  • Keep your favorite blend close at hand with Pulse Point Balms, keeping you uplifted throughout the day.
A full collection of gorgeous blends
Whether you’re looking to energize, unwind, or give a truly thoughtful gift, hydra Aromatherapy offers a full library of unique, expertly-crafted essential oil products for any mood and every occasion.
  • Choose from dozens of essential oil blends, specially crafted for whatever your day has in store.
  • With a blend for everyone, hydra Aromatherapy products make excellent gifts for yourself or for others.
  • Collect the full library of hydra Aromatherapy blends, or select your favorite to use in your showers, baths, and throughout your day.

Aromatherapy has the power to improve your day in the space of a breath. That’s why hydra Aromatherapy was born: to make it simple to treat yourself and others to the gift of true aromatherapy. hydra Aromatherapy builds on more than 15 years of expertise to bring you the very best aromatherapy products for baths, showers, and personal care. Handcrafted in the United States using only 100% natural essential oils and no artificial fragrances, hydra Aromatherapy products make aromatherapy accessible to everyone.